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Covey Ridge Arabians is owned and operated by Erin Davis. Erin has been involved with Arabians her entire life and has been actively breeding and training them since 2000. That makes her a youngster in the breeding arena, but she has been blessed to have met some wonderful fellow breeders that are now close friends. Taking their advise and experience into account, Erin has studied this amazing breed and honed her preferences for conformation, pedigree and disposition.

The mares of Covey Ridge Arabians are chosen based on their conformation, disposition, athleticism and pedigree. We then match these excellent mares with stallions of equal or better quality. The goal of our breeding program is to produce sound, sane and athletic horses that are not only pretty, but useful. We strive for this goal while maintaining the purity and integrity of these excellent bloodlines. First and foremost, we are breeding to improve the Arabian breed.  

Covey Ridge Arabians is a small breeder and we are very selective about which stallions we select for our mares. We only produce 1-3 foals a year, some years none. We do not breed more than we can support, as the market is a fickle beast.